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Robot 44 specializes in web design. Based out of Kansas City, he has been a professional in the field for the past ten years, with experience and abilities in:
• E-Commerce
• PhotoShop, Illustrator, Fireworks and other Graphics Programs
• Integrating HTML/CSS layouts into ASP, PERL, and PHP
• Customizing Shopsite™ driven sites
• Community Forums

If your site requires custom programming, the Robot has several Associates he can work with to get the job done, and excels at making coded sites look great.

He has outlined a few archetypes of sites to help you select the solution that is right for you.


Besides being the second most over-used buzzword of 1999 (the first being Y2K Bug), E-Commerce is the selling of goods over the internet. Robot 44 is a Certified Shopsite™ Designer, and can work with Shopsite™ users to customize a look and feel for their site. If you are starting from the ground up, Robot 44 has teamed up with to create affordable, yet powerful and customized packages. Click to learn more about E-Commerce.

Informational Site:
An Informational Site is akin to a paper brochure. It reflects and strengthens your brand, while providing users with much needed information. This generally means a company’s general “who, what, when, where, and how much” is presented to the client in an easy to use and easy to find manner. Click to learn more about Informational Sites.

Cookie-Cutter Sites:
Mmmm. Like Mom’s chocolate chip cookies, these sites are cheap, easy to make, and taste great! Er, that is, look great. Get a professional look while getting your business on the web for an affordable price. What more can you ask of a humble Robot? Click to learn more about Cookie-Cutter Sites.

Community Forums:
What do your customers think about you? Are they fanatical devotees, or occasional users? In some cases, a Community Forum makes sense for your business. If you have the resources to interact with them, you will be surprised what you can learn from your customers. It can also be an excellent place where customers can go to ask questions about a product details or to discuss problems they may be having with the installation or operation of a product. Click to learn more about Community Forums.

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